September, 2020

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Landscape Development, Inc has been working on affordable housing and giving back to the community for many years.  Affordable housing has become a large focus in California and especially the Los Angeles area.  We have had the opportunity to engage in many aspects of affordable housing, from training local hire applicants to offering value engineering [...]
When should someone start planning for fire safety and preparedness during the landscaping process? Planning for fire safety is not only important it is mandated here in Southern California.  In order to pass inspections, all landscapes must be fire-wise and maintained for safety.  Brush must be cleared annually and any plants that are not maintained [...]
CEO Gary Horton's recent editorial in Green Industry Magazine A year most of us have thought we’d never live has dragged on through a long, hot, masked-covered summer — and is now heading into the holiday season. Halloween? Likely canceled. What a mean trick! Few will go door to door, taking candy from unknown sources. [...]
A quick Q & A with Tyler Friend, Director of Sales and Roberto Leo, Senior Landscape Architect   Roberto Leo: Q: When approaching a renovation project how can a client best utilize landscape architecture when thinking about upgrades on a property. A: If you don't have a blank canvas, no problem! Utilizing a Landscape Architect [...]
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