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Earth Services / SWPPP

Protection from risk. Holding nature at bay.

Landscape Development, Inc. Earth Service

We can’t stop the rain but we do hold back the sea.

From mitigating shore erosion with engineered wave barrier systems, to slope protection and on-site SWPPP implementation, we’ve got you covered, 24/7.

Mitigating Shore Erosion

No site too large. No challenge too daunting.

We retain soil and we control dust. We mitigate disturbance by water, fire, and development. We restore habitat. We provide SWPPP plans, inspections, and emergency response. Our mission: Your security and peace of mind.

Earth Service

Our deep resources secure your site.

Erosion control and SWPPP are tremendous concerns requiring solid engineering, competent staff and specialty equipment. Landscape Development’s expertise puts it all together, keeping you safe and worry-free.

Fire Prevention and Fire Restoration

California is wildfire country. We keep you safe with weed and brush clearing, proactive fire buffer planting, effective stabilization, and habitat restoration.

Architects Working On A Mountain
Solar Farms

Solar Farm and Energy Services

We’ve helped construct thousands of acres of solar farms at breakneck speed with clearing, seeding, and post-construction maintenance. We service electric and gas easements, wind farm pads, and oil field pads and roads.

Absolute protection. Absolutely all the time.

Our highly experienced and fully accredited SWPPP staff are ready 24/7, 365 days a year to protect your site. Drawing from roster of 1,000, we’re ready to protect your interests at the first sign of rain – anywhere in California.

Site Construction SWPPP Services

Every development site must comply to SWPPP laws. Soil must be retained on-site and escaping water must be clear. We keep you safe and fine-free.

Site Construction Swppp Service
Installation Of Hydro-Seeding

Slope Stabilization and Hydro-seeding

We’ve protected thousands of acres of slopes with expert installation of hydro-seeding, fiber installation, plastic sheeting, sand bags, and straw wattles.

Waterfront Protection and Restoration

California is home to incredible waterfront vistas. We’re also home to threats from tidal erosion and drought. Our Earth Services Division diligently protects and restores shoreline erosion and natural damage.
Waterfront Restoration

Landscape Development, Inc.’s Earth Services division delivers the full spectrum of site solutions.

Our work spans industries as varied as site development to energy production, from shoreline reinforcement to fire protection. We shield you from nature’s threats, helping ensure your project’s ultimate success.

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