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Earth Day 2022 is April 22, and this year marks the 52nd anniversary of this celebration.

Ways Landscape Development helps the environment

As we celebrate Earth Day, it's essential to recognize companies that integrate environmental stewardship with their business values. Landscape Development, Inc. (LDI) exemplifies this through its dedication to…
Landscape Development, Inc. is excited to share our passion and commitment to sustainable development across California. Our specialization in mixed-use developments allows us to seamlessly integrate residential, commercial,…
erosion control and slope stabilization
Erosion is the destruction of the upper layer of soil, which occurs both under the influence of natural forces and from man. Without erosion control, long-term damage to…
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Ways you can help the environment:

  • Donate as little as $1 to earthday.org

  • Plant a tree

  • Purchase sustainable fashion

  • Go car free for the day – walk or bike to work/school

  • Recycle

  • Use flowers and native plants to beautify your surroundings and support pollination

  • Conserve water

  • Cut out plastic from daily use: i.e. Metal Straw, bamboo toothbrush, Shampoo bars instead of bottles, Sustain LA where you can refill daily things like shampoo, detergent, soap etc. in the same bottles.

  • Recycle your old electronics

  • Replace your bulbs for energy efficient ones such as Compact

  • Fluorescent light bulbs or LED bulbs

  • Buy Local to reduce shipping distances

  • Paperless billing

  • Choose rechargeable batteries

  • Reusable bags

  • Unplug unused chargers

  • Use a reusable water bottle

Safety First

Landscape Development, Inc. ranks as best in class for safety. Our admirable record reflects the decades of training, systems, and safety culture we’ve built into our company. Safety is first with us, and that keeps you safe, too.

At Landscape Development, Inc., it’s our people that make us great.

We employ the best people to provide you the best service. Our staff makes “anything landscape” possible. Every team member possesses the specific skills required to ensure your success.

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We’re large enough to service all your needs while our committed customer focus looks after the fine details.

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