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Construction Laborer
Employment Type: Full-Time
Location: All Locations -Los Angeles | Bakersfield | Central Coast | Corona | Inland Empire | San Diego
Date Posted: 03.01.19
The position of Construction Laborer is an important one. Quality labor performance is critical tot he company's commitment to quality installation. Laborers follow with diligence the instructions of the Foreman. They set an example for all co-workers. It is desirable to have an attitude toward self-improvement and achievement. 
  1. Experience in landscape, irrigation, erosion control, and maintenance is helpful.
  2. Must be physically healthy to support a considerable job load.
  3. Must be willing to learn and master construction skills and techniques.
  1. Ability to communicate in English is desirable.
  2. Able to complete work assignments as directed by the Foreman.
  3. Follow safe work methodes as discussed in tailgate safety meeting and in compliance witht he company safety polices. Set a good example of safety and following directions for co-workers. Ensure that labor under his charge receive and wear proper safety devices.
  4. Operate and ensures an efficient use of all hand and power tools as directed by the Foreman. Help to maintain all assigned tools in proper working condition and keeps them clean and presentable. Report neede maintenance or repairs to the Foreman. Secure Those hand tools assigned to him/her free from theft or loss and in safe and efficient working order. 
  5. Represent the company properly at all times.
Additional Skills